Knowledge creates belief, belief creates change.

Welcome! I am Gayle.

I help companies and individuals identify and clear blocks, align to their higher values and purpose, empower and inspire, and facilitate YOU to take action to make a real difference in the world.

Backed up with leading science to help you understand your body, mind and soul, and practical tools you can use to put that science into action.

Create the change in your life you want!

Are you ready to NEXT LEVEL your life, clear your blocks and move forward with purpose?

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Everything presented on this website, and throughout the Science of Self courses and sessions are tools that I have used in my own personal journey, to get me to where I am today!

I want you to walk away from the coaching sessions feeling inspired and empowered. 

Using tools and frameworks from Life Coaching, NLP, NVC, neuroscience and various other holistic modalities we will identify and explore blocks and challenges in your way, overcome and navigate around them, formulate a strategy for the way forward and take  ACTION!

With a science backing you gain understanding why what you are doing works, and leave sessions feeling motivated to make real change in your life.

And if you falter, lack belief or fall off the bandwagon. I am here to pick you up.

But know……. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Are you READY?

TODAY is the start of the rest of your life.

Changing Limiting Beliefs:

Our belief systems are created through our life, and can often be the blocks we need to clear or overcome. Identify and change your beliefs using NLP and neuroscience practices and shift your mindset to Growth not Fixed!

Finding Your Purpose:

Each one of us has a unique path, one that is coded into our DNA. Our souls calling. What is burning inside you that wants to come alive? These tools will help you hear yourself.

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Nervous System Regulation:

Throughout the day we move between extremes of moods due to our nervous system responses. Learn how to navigate this with Polyvagal Theory and breathwork methods.

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Connecting to the Quantum Field:

Creating coherence in our brain wave states accesses the infinite field. Our systems re-organise themselves and we access infinite possibility, knowledge and wisdom. Use this for your advantage.

Meditation and Pranayama:

Sitting in silence or with a guiding audio calms your mind, allows us to connect to the infinite field, and moves us from the stress response to growth. Pranayama increases our life force.

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Breathwork practices vary and are a profound way to either clear sunconscious trauma, alkalise your body, regulate your vagus nerve, or simply calm your mind.


Movement keeps our physical body (and our mind) healthy and well, choosing your method depends on your needs but everybody's body needs to move! Somatic healing releases blocked emotions.

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Understand our brain and how emotions work. Its normal to be triggered by your significant others and there are practical tips to support you!

Conscious Communication:

A mix of NVC and Transparent Communication. Learning to speak from our needs and owning our triggers and patterns creates love not war!

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Spending Time in Nature or Sea:

Nature gives us so many health and wellness benefits. We explore what aspects of nature give you what, so you can adapt your outdoor time accordingly!

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OK! Lets do this! Give me the Coaching Sessions NOW!

What Are The Benefits?

What benefits can you receive from this understanding and from doing this work? They are endless……

Tune in and turn your passion to purpose

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Create from a space of infinite potential

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Learn how to navigate your emotions and moods

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Increase your calm levels

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Relate in a new way through understanding

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Speak without fear and listen without judging

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Know the health benefits of nature and movement

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Heal your body and soul through nutrition

Free Wellness PDF and Video Sessions

  • Practices of Wellness PDF giving basic neuroscience and essential tips for wellness
  • 20 minute session on meditation to get you calm and relaxed and tuned in to listening to your higher self
  • 20 minute breathwork pranayama to revitalise your system, increase your energy levels and balance your physical self



  • A set of 5 x weekly private sessions to give you tailored support and guidance, to keep you on track and motivated
  • Explore your aims and objectives, blocks and challenges inside of you, and get them out the way
  • Receive practical tools you can use at home, and in business based on your personal needs

£250 Life Coaching
Business Coaching

Tools For Life
Online Course

  • 10 belief changing live video sessions for those ready to embrace their greatest potential! Its time!
  • Guest speakers giving extra specialist value, creating trust in the process and getting you ready to launch!
  • Clear instructions of practical tools you can use every day to improve your life. Starting NOW!


"I Changed Myself And You Can Too"

I have been through depression, anorexia, alcoholism, weed addiction, and every form of excess.... I wasn't ready to really feel my emotions. And at the time I didn't even know I was hiding from myself the depths of what I was feeling. Until I got bad.
One day I decided enough was enough.
It was time to take a stand.
That day was the start of the rest of my life.
10 years on, a lot of self help and guidance from amazing teachers and I am still sober, and have daily practices that have accelerated my life into supporting me to create the life I want, running businesses fully aligned with my passions.
One where I am taking care of my body, mind and soul.... daily.
However, that wasn't the end of it....
In 2019 I fractured my spine.
I could not move, shower on my own, dress, or feed myself.
Others came to my aid (a big lesson I had to learn was to ask for support) and I lost myself and all my practices and simply felt sorry for myself. I asked myself "Why am I here?"
The answer that came was that I had learned a strategy to create drama in my life to get love. That if I wasn't having some kind of issue I would not receive love. Hence I had just created some serious drama.
It was time to change my life story.
After 7 days I went back to A and E and they told me I had fluid in my abdominal cavity. I was terrified.
Then and there on that hospital bed I meditated for the first time in a week. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and I visioned in the results that I wanted. I visioned in complete healing, using the tools that I had learned, and used for years.
I was released from hospital and told to come back in the morning for an ultrasound.
I was determined.
Between the evening and 8am the next morning I did over 6 hours of meditation and prayer.
Creating the life I wanted, and for the scan to be clear.
When they did the scan the fluid was gone. A miracle? You decide.
It was that day I realised I needed to share all I know. That time and time again I have had proven that we can create the reality we want. It is all right there, waiting for us.
I healed in less than 2 weeks and was on a plane to Germany for an entrepreneur bootcamp.
Since then I have shared my story and the tools I used in many countries around the world and I am forever grateful for the lesson, and the kick up the ass to overcome my fears and share my story.
The courses on this site share some of the best cutting edge science on why this works and offers hope and factual information on the truth that YOU can change YOURSELF.
Take the reins on your life and start living.
The world is full of infinite potential. Whether that is in work, healing or life.
And it is all there for the taking!
Gayle Murphy
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